To Be Revised

To Be Revised

We are currently in the process of updating the treatment coordinator and contributor lists. If you are interested in contributing to the Flora Malesiana project, please contact the FM secretariat.

Seed Plants

Family Note Treatment Coordinator
Acanthaceae Juss.  Deng Yunfei
Actinidiaceae Gilg & Werderm., nom. cons.
Annonaceae Juss., nom. cons. R.M.K. Saunders
Apocynaceae Juss., nom. cons. p.p. published in ser. 1, vol. 18  M. Rodda (Asclepiadoideae)
Aquifoliaceae Bercht. & J.Presl, nom. cons.
Araceae Juss., nom. cons.
Araliaceae Juss., nom. cons. p.p. published in ser. 1, vol. 9 D. Frodin
Arecaceae Bercht. & J.Presl, nom. cons. (= Palmae Juss., nom. cons.)
Asparagaceae Juss.
Asphodelaceae Juss., nom. cons. prop. including Xanthorrhoeaceae Dumort., nom. cons.
Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl, nom. cons. (= Compositae Giseke, nom. cons.)
Balsaminaceae A.Rich., nom. cons.
Begoniaceae C.Agardh, nom. cons. M. Hughes
Berberidaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Bonnetiaceae L.Beauvis. ex Nakai
Bromeliaceae Juss., nom. cons. cultivated only
Buxaceae Dumort., nom. cons. (including Haptanthaceae C.Nelson)
Cabombaceae Rich. ex A.Rich., nom. cons.
Cactaceae Juss., nom. cons. cultivated, naturalized only
Cannaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Caricaceae Dumort., nom. cons.
Casuarinaceae R.Br., nom. cons.
Centrolepidaceae Endl., nom. cons.  now in Restionaceae s.l.  J. Byng
Clusiaceae Lindl., nom. cons. (= Guttiferae Juss., nom. cons.)
Commelinaceae Mirb., nom. cons.
Cornaceae Bercht. & J.Presl, nom. cons. including Alangiaceae B. de Wilde-Duyfjes
Corsiaceae Becc., nom. cons.
Costaceae Nakai
Cyclanthaceae Poit. ex A.Rich., nom. cons.
Ebenaceae Gürke, nom. cons.  C. Puglisi
Elaeocarpaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Eriocaulaceae Martinov, nom. cons.
Euphorbiaceae Juss., nom. cons. P.C. van Welzen
Eupomatiaceae Orb., nom. cons.  J. Byng
Fabaceae Lindl., nom. cons. (= Leguminosae Juss., nom. cons.) published p.p. in ser. 1, vol. 11, 12 F. Adema
Gentianaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Gesneriaceae Rich. & Juss., nom. cons. D. Middleton
Hanguanaceae Airy Shaw
Heliconiaceae Vines
Himantandraceae Diels, nom. cons.
Lamiaceae Martinov, nom. cons. (= Labiatae Juss., nom. cons.) G. Bramley & R. de Kok
Lauraceae Juss., nom. cons.
Linderniaceae Borsch et al.
Loasaceae Juss., nom. cons. cultivated only
Malvaceae Juss., nom. cons. including Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae, Tiliaceae  S.K. Ganesan (coordinator for Malvaceae subfamily Dombeyoideae)

L. Jennings (coordinator for Malvaceae subfamily Grewioideae)

Marantaceae R.Br., nom. cons.
Mazaceae Reveal
Melastomataceae Juss., nom. cons.
Musaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Myrtaceae Juss., nom. cons.  J. Byng
Nymphaeaceae Salisb., nom. cons.
Oleaceae Hoffmanns. & Link, nom. cons.
Orchidaceae Juss., nom. cons. published p.p. in CD-ROM series J.J. Vermeulen, E.F. de Vogel, A. Schuiteman
Orobanchaceae Vent., nom. cons.
Pandanaceae R.Br., nom. cons.
Papaveraceae Juss., nom. cons. including Fumariaceae
Pentaphylacaceae Engl., nom. cons. published p.p. ser. 1, vol. 5; including Ternstroemiaceae Yao Tze Leong
Phrymaceae Schauer, nom. cons.
Piperaceae Giseke, nom. cons.
Plantaginaceae Juss., nom. cons.  Alexey Shipunov (coordinator) and Gustavo Hassemer
Poaceae Barnhart, nom. cons. (= Gramineae Juss., nom. cons.)
Polygonaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Primulaceae Batsch ex Borkh., nom. cons. including Myrsinaceae, Theophrastaceae; published p.p. in ser. 1, vol. 6  A. Julius and T. Utteridge (coordinators for subfamily Myrsinoideae);

T. Utteridge (coordinator subfamily Maesoideae)

Ranunculaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Resedaceae Martinov, nom. cons. cultivated only
Rhamnaceae Juss., nom. cons.  T. Utteridge
Rubiaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Rutaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Santalaceae R.Br., nom. cons. (not monophyletic if Balanophoraceae are embedded) including Amphorogynaceae Nickrent & Der, Cervantesiaceae Nickrent & Der, Comandraceae Nickrent & Der, Nanodeaceae Nickrent & Der, Thesiaceae Vest, Viscaceae Batsch
Sapotaceae Juss., nom. cons. P. Wilkie
Saxifragaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Scrophulariaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Smilacaceae Vent., nom. cons.
Solanaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Strelitziaceae Hutch., nom. cons. cultivated only
Tamaricaceae Link, nom. cons. cultivated only
Tecophilaeaceae Leyb., nom. cons. including Cyanastraceae
Tetrameristaceae Hutch.
Theaceae Mirb., nom. cons.
Tropaeolaceae Juss. ex DC., nom. cons. cultivated only
Urticaceae Juss., nom. cons.
Verbenaceae J.St.Hil., nom. cons. R. de Kok
Vitaceae Juss., nom. cons.  A. Latiff
Winteraceae R.Br. ex Lindl., nom. cons.
Zingiberaceae Martinov, nom. cons. M. Newman

Ferns and Lycophytes

Family Note Treatment Coordinator
Aspleniaceae Newman
Dennstaedtiaceae Lotsy includes Monachosoraceae Ching
Dipteridaceae Seward & E.Dale
Dryopteridaceae Herter
Grammitidaceae Newman = Grammitidoideae Parris & Sundue, included in Polypodiaceae J.Presl & C.Presl in PPG I (2016) B.S.Parris
Hymenophyllaceae Mart.
Lycopodiaceae P.Beauv.
Marattiaceae Kaulf.
Marsileaceae Mirb.
Ophioglossaceae Martinov
Osmundaceae Martinov  D. Cicuzza
Psilotaceae J.W.Griff. & Henfr.
Pteridaceae E.D.M.Kirchn. includes Vittarioideae Link
Salviniaceae Martinov
Selaginellaceae Willk. Xian-Chun Zhang (coordinator)

Aleksandr Shalimov (contributor)

Hans P. Nooteboom (contributor)

Jongsoo Kang (contributor)